Stanton Trophy

Teddington’s finest

The Stanton Trophy Competition kicked off in 1933 and takes place each year between teams from the different organisations that occupy the large site in Teddington.

Taking place over the year from June to May, the competition is designed to:

  • give everyone a chance to enjoy the sports available at the NPL Sports Club
  • introduce staff from different organisations and in different building to each other
  • uncover sporting talent

How to take part

At the last count, five teams took part for the trophy competing in eleven different events, including table tennis, rounders and tennis. Sporting talent is a bonus but not mandatory.

All you need to do is:

  • Be an existing or retired member of one of the different organisations based on the Teddington site
  • Or be the female partner of someone who works here

How it works

You’ll need to have an event organiser for your team. Their job is to:

  • get a team out for the matches
  • liaising with organisers from other teams
  • Send in results to the overall convenor

Organisers are sometimes nominated but often just people who want to give it a go.

And the winner is...

...decided by totting up points, with individual sports champions and the overall trophy winners receiving their awards at the NPL Sports Club AGM in June.

For more details and up-to-date results, please visit the Stanton Trophy website: