NPL Bowls Club Achievements

Sporting achievements

Since it was founded, the NPL Bowls Club has a long history of success at county level.

Season/year Highlight (county level)
1939 Won the Middlesex County division of the News Chronicle Gold Challenge Single rink Championship.
1947 Runners-up in the triples divisional final and represented Middlesex in the national Championships.
1979-80 To mark our Golden Jubilee year, we played against the MCBA Executive, narrowly losing.
1984-85 Supplied two players for the team that won the national mixed fours competition.
1986 Dave Hall won the MCBA singles championship, was runner-up in the Home Counties champion of champion’s competition and represented Middlesex in the Middleton cup.
1988 Jim Mash and Dave Hall won the MCBA Pairs and represented Middlesex in the EBA championships.
1991 Jim Mash and Dave Hall won the MCBA pairs and were runners-up in the EBA pairs at Worthing.
1991 Dave Hall reached the semi-finals of the national champion of champion’s competition losing to Tony Allcock.
1995-96 Bob Curry won the Middlesex unbadged singles.
1999-2000 Phil Weller and Dave Hall reached the semi-final of the Bells Whisky pairs.
2000-2001 Phil Weller and Dave Hall won the Bells Whisky pairs.
2005 National fours entry of Bob Curry, Dave Hall, Tony Hartland and Tudor Williams became runners-up in the county finals and reached quarter-finals of the national finals.

The club has also performed well within a number of local leagues.

RBDBA highlights include:

  • Dave Hall and John English won the pairs competition in 1987 and 1988
  • Club was divisional winner and also won the double-rink competition in 1990
  • Club won the league and the 1-2-3 competition and were runners-up in the pairs in 1993
  • Runner-up in the west division in 1995
  • Won the league in 2005 and 2008, and the double-rink competition in 2009

TVBA highlights include:

  • Won the East Division and were runners-up in 1980 the final
  • Won the league in 1983, 1990 and 2002, and were runners up in 1981, 1993 and 2003
  • Won the 1-2-3 competition in 1996, runners-up in 2002
  • Won the pairs competition In 1992 and 1996 and in 1989 won the fours, runners-up in 1991

Civil service league highlights include:

  • Entered the London Area League in 1947-48
  • Won the league in 1956-57 and 1958-59
  • Won the triples in 1967-68 and again in 1971-72 when we went on to win the Civil Service National Championship
  • Won the rinks competition in 1975-76
  • Won the Bunbury Cup, Archibald Cup and Bascombe trophy
  • Several players selected for Civil Service representative matches

Local tournament highlights:

  • Between 1940 and 1958 the club won the Strawberry Hill Philanthropic Cup 4 Times, The Teddington Philanthropic Cup 6 times and the Twickenham and district Philanthropic Cup once.